Spicy Chicken or Gyro Quesadilla

Grilled chicken, feta cheese, grilled onion, cilantro, and our spicy Matbucha in a grilled in a folded flatbread Quesadilla Choice: Chicken Gyro

Meat Grape Leaves

Stuffed with ground beef, rice, tomatoes, onions and a blend of herbs. Three pieces served with lemon sauce.

Fried Calamari

Served with our house-made dressing and hot sauce.



Spinach and a blend of feta, asiago and parmesan cheeses wrapped in layers of filo dough and baked to a golden brown.



Ground chickpeas blended with fresh cilantro, parsley, fava beans, onions and Mediterranean spices, and fried to a golden brown. Six pieces served with tahina sauce.

Vegetarian Grape Leaves

Vegetarian grape leaves

Grape leaves stuffed with rice and a blend of herbs and spices served with our house dressing.

The Olive Tree-O

the olive tree o

Choose three from the cold appetizers including Hummus, Tzatziki, Baba Ghanouj, Matbucha, Machmusa, or Vegetarian Grape Leaves. Olive Tree-O (Select 3):Hummus Tzatziki Baba Ghanouj Matbucha Machmusa Vegetarian Grape Leaves  

Spicy! Feta

Feta cheese blended with jalapeƱo and habanero peppers, garlic and herbs.